Day with “North and South”

In college you get to know a whole lot of people. Most of them become your friends. You lose some of those friends while some stayed and changed your life to bring out the better version of you. These two are one of those friends who actually brought out the better version of me. Aya, Aire and me are the Team North and South.

Last March 2, we went to SEC to get information for our study we currently taking up. That’s our thesis, in case you don’t know. After we went to SEC, we have decided to just relax for a bit and spend good time and company with each other. We went to Rob Galleria in Ortigas since it’s just few walks away from SEC. It’s already past lunch time when we reached Rob Galleria so we think of where to eat. As we search for something to eat, Burgoo attract us for its good promo during lunch time. So immediately we tried for it since none of us have an experience in Burgoo.


Burgoo is a great place for people who are in search for good American dishes and a place to relax and unwind. The moment you enter the place, you would feel the American ambience for there are stuff like street signs and posters that shows a very American culture.

Burgoo is also a fun place for kids and even kids at heart. Your table is covered with paper and they let you draw, write or put anything on it. I think it is a good strategy by Burgoo to eliminate the boredom while waiting for the food.


The price! To be honest with you guys, we thought that Burgoo would be so expensive because of how the store looks like. I’m telling you guys, it’s not! My advice for you to avoid spending ample amount of peso, try visiting Burgoo during weekdays lunch time because you could actually save for almost 50%. For our meal, we only spend for not more than 170 pesos. So I could say that it was a budget wise decision to choose Burgoo. The taste! We ordered something like steak and it comes with two sides. It tasted great, by the way. We have no problem on the quantity and taste.


At the end of the day, smiles are painted in our faces. We really had a good time. Now, I’m looking forward for our next adventure. #TeamNorthandSouth




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