This would be my last post for my blog, Love Yours. To be honest with you guys, I never thought that I would enjoy posting stuff in my blog and narrating my experience in everything that have made an impact to my life in these past years.

My last blog entry is about my experience about Jap food. For like first time in forever,  I actually enjoyed eating in a Japanese restaurant. Japanese food back then is just not my type but thanks to Jana for she made me change my impression towards Japanese cuisine. She showed me something that I have never experienced in my life. She insisted me to step out of my comfort zone and made me try the best things in life that I haven’t figured out yet. And I am very thankful for that. She made me try the Jap restaurant named Ichiro.
Ichiro is located at U-Mall, Vito Cruz. It is near DLSU and St. Scholastica so most of its guests are students. The prices for their meals are slightly expensive compare to typical fast food restaurants in the vicinity but despite of it, Ichiro is still a worth a try and it worth more than what you paid for.
The environment of Ichiro is very relaxing. It is very quiet and you will feel at peace. You can focus more on what food you’re eating because there are no distractions or noises inside. The place is also spacious and not crowded even though it is located inside a mall.
Their service practices a customer-centric manner. They will try to assist you and give you the greatest comfort as much as possible. As a first timer, I’m just a bit disappointed because Jana was the one who taught me how to properly dine in a Japanese restaurant. For me, educating their guests is a must so I have a suggestion that they should improve their service by informing and educating the guests especially the first  timers.
Let’s go to the food. The food very very delicious. We tried Chicken and Cheese Maki. For less than 200 pesos, you have a chicken and cheese maki together with a rice, special sauce, miso soup, and an iced tea. Talk about complete meal, eh?
Overall Ichiro is a must-try Jap restaurant for they offer quality Jap food that will make you go loco.



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