Me and my dad always spend some time together to “eat” and by that, we actually are able talk about life and happenings between us and to our family.  Since we didn’t see each other more often because I’m currently studying in college, we are finding ways to catch-up and bond. Recently we had our dinner together at Recipes in Greenbelt. He was craving for it so we decided to eat there.


Recipes revolutionized the traditional Filipino “lutong bahay”. Recipes gives you the nostalgic feeling to the Filipino customers because of their product offerings. Recipes’ edge over other restaurants is that it brings a new twist to local filipino dishes.

Since my father is craving for a General’s chiken, we ordered one alongside with Gising-Gising and Beef Tapa. General’s chicken is my favorite in their menu. It gives a new flavor and taste to your typical chicken for it is more spicy and flavorful. Gising-gising, a delicious spicy veggie dish that can be matched basically at any food.  While the Tapa is not much of a special dish, I just had a craving for it last time.


The ambience is very modern and cheerful. The environment is fully-furnished and very appealing to the eyes of the customers. The site is also spacious and never crowded. I think we had our dinner during weekdays so I think it is one of the factors that there are not much guests inside. The service is also exceptional for the servers exhibit a very hospitable manner to their guests. They assist them as much as possible and satisfy the guest needs and wants. If possible, they answer the guests requests and demands. Another thing is that when they serve, they are always smiling that I think is one of the reasons why the guests are always feeling comfortable with them.

Price is also not that expensive it is actually a little cheaper compare to other restaurants in Greenbelt. So it is a thumbs up for me and other customers who wants to save while enjoy a good service and food.


It is a very wonderful experience because we enjoyed the ambience and the food in Recipes. Also with Recipes, me and Paps had a chance to catch-up and talk about life and basketball. We enjoyed the moment and forget all the problems. We just had fun.


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