On The Rise

The year 2012 marked the Philippines’ uprising in tourism market. Until today, Philippines have always been finding ways and putting efforts that will contribute to the growth of the tourism market. Government did its part by improving and sticking to the projects they have implemented that will benefit the tourism industry. Marketing played a very vital role to the growth of the industry. For now, Philippines is considered as the fastest growing tourism market in Southeast Asia.

The government became persistent when it comes to improving the tourism market. The administration stayed to the track of the existing projects and remained patient. They also promulgated new laws when it comes to traveling; that also played a role to the huge success of the industry.


Marketing played the biggest part to the rapid growth of the tourism market. Through marketing, many foreigners and locals became aware to the beauty of the Philippines. The “It’s More Fun” campaign became the most effective and known promotion of the Philippine tourism industry. They have used the online platforms as the medium of communication for this matter. The result is many people were reached and many people became aware of the Philippines.


Filipinos also contributed to the growth of the tourism industry. Being hospitable and welcoming has always been a Filipino norm to its guests. These attitudes have become pleasing to foreigners and it became a recognizable trait to the world.


The Philippines will remain a hot tourist destination for the years to come if the government stayed on track and maintained funding of the recent and future campaigns for the development of the industry. The most important marketing task to consider is to remain adaptive and be ‘quick to respond’ to the changes in the industry.














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