TGI Fridays on a Sunday

After we hear the mass, we find a place to eat. Since we always attend our mass at Greenbelt Chapel, we always end up spending the rest of our Sundays at Greenbelt or Glorietta. That time, we have decided to eat at Greenbelt. We searched for a place that will satisfy our craving. My sister was craving for burgers that time that’s why I suggested that we should go to TGI Fridays.


TGI Fridays is well-known for its unique ambiance and delicious, quality American dishes. We went to TGI Fridays Greenbelt branch and realized these thoughts. Their service is excellent for they provide better assistance compare to your average restaurant. TGIF Price is significantly more expensive. It just shows that their dishes are prepared better and off high quality.


We had a back ribs seasoned with special Jack Daniel’s sauce and american cheeseburgers to satisfy Angel’s craving for burgers. If I would rate their food, I would say that it would be 10/10. I’m not exaggerating things here, but I could say that it’s one of the best ribs and burgers I have tasted. The only concern I have for TGI Fridays is the price of products. It is costly because I think they have positioned its brand as an expensive and top class brand.



It’s ambiance conveys a very western feeling. From the furnitures to the shows of every television inside the shop and to even the outfit of the servers, all of it portrays American culture. It also gives you a very retro and hipster feeling.



With TGI Fridays, we had a wonderful way to end our family day. Me and the family had a great experience with TGI Fridays. So I definitely recommend to give TGI Fridays a try if you are looking for a great food and service.


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