Mama’s 50th Birthday

It was February 28th of the year 2016 when we surprised Mama for her birthday. At first, Mama had no idea of what and how are we going to celebrate her Grand birthday. Papa called me and my sister to accompany Mama on her way to Jazz Mall Makati. She was wondering why are we taking her to Jazz Mall for there’s nothing much in that mall. While waiting for Papa, he texted us that we can now go inside and wait him there for we have reservation already; Mama was very surprised that we’re going to celebrate her birthday at Vikings.


Vikings Luxury Buffet restaurant has been popular with special celebrations. Families and friends have gathered to enjoy the specialty seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes and desserts of the international buffet prepared by its experienced chefs.

Vikings is known for its luxurious and classy ambiance. Because of this, Vikings has become an ideal place to celebrate the important events or occasions in your life. Vikings has now opened many branches all over the PH making it accessible for guests around Metro Manila.


Vikings is known for its wide choices of dishes. Vikings offers Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, European and American cuisines. May it be an appetizer, a main dish or a dessert, name it all! Vikings will surely satisfy all of your cravings. It is one of the largest buffets here in PH. The rates are just right; not costly and not that cheap for a quality luxury buffet.

Vikings also offers exceptional service, even though it is more of a self service, waiters/waitresses would still assist you and give you much information on how are you going to further enjoy the food in Vikings. What’s wonderful with Vikings that they make you feel special on your special day! The servers would even perform a song and a dance number for you. By that, Vikings is differentiated with other luxury buffets because of their compassion for their customers.


Mama’s Golden Birthday truly was a memorable one. We shared our smiles and laughter, we shared stories, and it made our family closer. Ma, I just want you to know that you’re the most important, wonderful, loving, strong woman I have ever met. We may have silly fights and arguments sometimes but I know and you know that I love you more than anything in this world. Thank you, Ma!


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