Live Free and Pomp Hard

A wise man once said that a hair style conveys your personality, a visual representation of what you are as a person. Back in 20th Century, “Fade” and “Pompadour” were the most popular hair styles for men. It became an icon and a paragon of a Gentleman. In the Metro there is a barber shop whose specialty are these cuts. That is Slick Barbers Co.

Slick Barbers Co. is a not just your average barber shop but it is more of a movement. Its goal is to bring back the traditional local neighborhood barbershop and provide quality haircuts.


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Merienda Redefined

Filipinos love to eat. They loved it so much they even made a new eating occasion. This eating occasion is known as “Merienda”. Filipinos enjoy it during afternoon. This meal is between lunch and supper. Usually merianda takes place at 3 o’ clock to 4 o’ clock of the afternoon. Well known merienda snacks are pancit, kakanin, lugaw, and pan de sal. These meals are not as heavy compare to breakfast, lunch and dinner but it brings enough energy and nutrition to satisfy every Filipino as they continue to move on with their day.


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