Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

It was Black Saturday that time when Dawn of Justice first opened in theatres. The fam have been waiting for this movie for a very long time. So when we watched the trailer for the movie, we immediately search for when it will be showed in Philippine cinemas. Since then, we made our plans to watch it on the same day the movie will be showed in cinemas.

Since we’re from south, we have decided to watch Dawn of Justice at Alabang Town Center Cinemas. With all the hype for this movie, the queue for the tickets were so long. It took us an almost 20 mins for us to get a ticket for the movie. All of the theatres are showing Dawn of Justice only and all of the schedules are fully booked already. So we only got our tickets for the last full show for we already don’t have a choice. We didn’t like to go to other cinemas because for us, we think Alabang Town Center cinemas have the best cinemas that are just near to home.¬†Luckily, it was during the Easter break when Dawn of Justice aired in theatres because if not, I don’t think that I could come with the fam for us to watch the movie together.


The movie itself is wonderful because for me it defied the typical superhero movies. The movie is very dark and will make you think to figure out what really is happening with the story.

But let us move on to the experience itself. Even though the queue is long, the employees still managed to handle the customers carefully. I think they already anticipated that people would mob the cinemas so that they have handle it very easily.


The cinema itself is very cozy. All of the Ayala Malls cinemas are known for its exceptional comfort. The sound system is excellent; you can actually understand the movie with ease. You would also feel secure for its emergency system is very clear and easy to understand. In fact, it is briefly discussed inside the theatre before you watch the movie.

We had a very satisfying experience with Batman V Superman and of course with Alabang Town Center Cinemas. We enjoyed the movie and their company. Before I end my post here am I striking a Dawn of Justice day Selfie. Until next time!



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