You rock, Boo Rock!

Prelims Week aka Hell Week is the week where most of the students forget their life and commit to the books and every lecture in order to grasp information. It is also the week of the “Judgement day” where you will be given a test to assess your learnings to a certain subject. I remembered very clearly that it was during the anticipation of hell week, when me and my friends have decided to do a group study for Operations Research since it’s gonna be our first exam for the week. I invited Drew, Paul and Jun to join me study. I remembered that it was Monday and we don’t have any classes or examinations that time so it was a great opportunity for us to study for our upcoming exams.

We’re searching for a cheap place to eat and a place where you could study while slouching around. As we walk in Dapitan, we noticed this new burger and smoothie place in Antonio. First we were disturbed by its name and make fun of it for it sounds funny and by that it made us want to try this place. This burger and smoothie place is called Boo Rock.


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TGI Fridays on a Sunday

After we hear the mass, we find a place to eat. Since we always attend our mass at Greenbelt Chapel, we always end up spending the rest of our Sundays at Greenbelt or Glorietta. That time, we have decided to eat at Greenbelt. We searched for a place that will satisfy our craving. My sister was craving for burgers that time that’s why I suggested that we should go to TGI Fridays.


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Day with “North and South”

In college you get to know a whole lot of people. Most of them become your friends. You lose some of those friends while some stayed and changed your life to bring out the better version of you. These two are one of those friends who actually brought out the better version of me. Aya, Aire and me are the Team North and South.

Last March 2, we went to SEC to get information for our study we currently taking up. That’s our thesis, in case you don’t know. After we went to SEC, we have decided to just relax for a bit and spend good time and company with each other. We went to Rob Galleria in Ortigas since it’s just few walks away from SEC. It’s already past lunch time when we reached Rob Galleria so we think of where to eat. As we search for something to eat, Burgoo attract us for its good promo during lunch time. So immediately we tried for it since none of us have an experience in Burgoo.


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Mama’s 50th Birthday

It was February 28th of the year 2016 when we surprised Mama for her birthday. At first, Mama had no idea of what and how are we going to celebrate her Grand birthday. Papa called me and my sister to accompany Mama on her way to Jazz Mall Makati. She was wondering why are we taking her to Jazz Mall for there’s nothing much in that mall. While waiting for Papa, he texted us that we can now go inside and wait him there for we have reservation already; Mama was very surprised that we’re going to celebrate her birthday at Vikings.


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