Mama’s 50th Birthday

It was February 28th of the year 2016 when we surprised Mama for her birthday. At first, Mama had no idea of what and how are we going to celebrate her Grand birthday. Papa called me and my sister to accompany Mama on her way to Jazz Mall Makati. She was wondering why are we taking her to Jazz Mall for there’s nothing much in that mall. While waiting for Papa, he texted us that we can now go inside and wait him there for we have reservation already; Mama was very surprised that we’re going to celebrate her birthday at Vikings.


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Live Free and Pomp Hard

A wise man once said that a hair style conveys your personality, a visual representation of what you are as a person. Back in 20th Century, “Fade” and “Pompadour” were the most popular hair styles for men. It became an icon and a paragon of a Gentleman. In the Metro there is a barber shop whose specialty are these cuts. That is Slick Barbers Co.

Slick Barbers Co. is a not just your average barber shop but it is more of a movement. Its goal is to bring back the traditional local neighborhood barbershop and provide quality haircuts.


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Merienda Redefined

Filipinos love to eat. They loved it so much they even made a new eating occasion. This eating occasion is known as “Merienda”. Filipinos enjoy it during afternoon. This meal is between lunch and supper. Usually merianda takes place at 3 o’ clock to 4 o’ clock of the afternoon. Well known merienda snacks are pancit, kakanin, lugaw, and pan de sal. These meals are not as heavy compare to breakfast, lunch and dinner but it brings enough energy and nutrition to satisfy every Filipino as they continue to move on with their day.


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A Cup of Coffee and a Random Thought

Before I start my post, I would like to say thanks to all of my Chinese friends. You guys are the reason why we have an extra day off. Kung Hei Fat Choi, everyone.

I may be weird but there are times that I just want to be alone. Actually, nobody knows that there are times that I just want to be alone. Not even Bel or my parents are aware of this. So whenever this state hits me, I just go out of the house and go wherever I wanted to. For me, having an alone time helps me think more. It also helps me to escape the problems and stress I’m facing in the real world.

Since I have my free time today, I thought of going to a coffee place. So the first thing that popped out of my head was The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I packed my laptop with me because I know that I would work on my blog during my stay there. After that, I went straight to CBTL. Before I reached there, I got a chance to roam around Ayala and it was fun.


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Sunday. Family Day.

Last Saturday, I went home to Muntinlupa for the long weekend. I took advantage of the time I have to work on my blog and to take a day off from school stuff. I could say that I get to spend those days pretty well.

Sunday. Every Sunday for us is family day. What I mean of family day is that we go out every Sunday as a family to hang out and bond. We eat, we hear mass together and spend quality time with each other. Yesterday, we spent our Sunday at Alabang Town Center (ATC). We reached ATC before noontime. When we’re already in ATC, the first thing we did is that we searched for a restaurant. My father and I craved for a Filipino cuisine. So we agreed to have our lunch at Crisostomo.


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The Peri-Peri Chicken Experience

Last Thursday, Bel and I had our lunch together. We couldn’t think of where to eat. Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Jollibee and KFC are just too mainstream. Plus we want to try something new. That’s when I suggested her to try Eduardo’s Peri-Peri Flame Grilled Chicken for a change. I have tried it before but I was with my friends that time so it would be her first time to try Eduardo’s.

Eduardo’s Peri-Peri is located at V. Concepcion St. in Dapitan. It is near KFC and at the same building with Perpetual Help. I’m already dismissed with our class that time but for Bel it was only her free time so our time is very limited.


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Another Year with Her

As I start this post, I just want to introduce someone to you. On January 22, 2014 I met the most amazing person that has eyes that can make someone petrify. ¬†Whose smile that is very contagious. Whose heart that can make someone fall in love in an instant. Her name is Bel. I am truly blessed that I met her that day for she’s one of the reasons why my life is full of wonder.

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A farewell to 2015

Me and my college friends have decided to go out and spend some time together before we say goodbye to 2015. Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is the place we chose. We set the date at the 27th of December and I’m very glad that our last hang out for the year went according to plan.

Enchanted Kingdom or E.K. is one of the most popular theme parks in the country. It is always visited by the youth (especially barkadas) and adults as well. EK has been operating for 20 years already. Still, EK continues to bring excitement and joy to everyone who visited their theme park.

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Nuvali: New Mecca for Mountain Bikers

Nuvali is the largest self-sustainable Eco-friendly community in the country. It was developed by the Ayala Land and it is located outside of Metro Manila, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Various activities can be done in Nuvali and one of which is the Trail Biking. The Nuvali Trails are more intense and relatively longer compare to those of Filinvest Trails’ but like Filinvest, Nuvali trails are also free of charge. It consist of trails of not less than 5 but I didn’t had the chance to try them all. Bike enthusiasts consider Nuvali as the new “Mecca” for mountain bikers. Considering that it is outside of Metro Manila, people still manage to go and try these trails just to experience and identify what it differs from other trails.


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