Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot

Last March 27, Tita Jane invited us for a dinner since his husband, tito Aying, together with his family are balikbayans. It’s not the first time we actually spend time with tito Aying’s family for we already spend a summer together. Plus it was also the birthday of tito Aying’s dad, so it was a very memorable one. We celebrated the get together and the feast at Four Seasons Buffet at Manhattan Parkview in Cubao.

Four Seasons Buffet & Hotspot is a member of the Vikings group, a well-known buffet restaurant that offers a wide variety of foods (You can check my other blog post that’s about Vikings). Since it came from the group that introduced you Vikings and NIU, the Four Seasons Buffet offers the same choices of foods and delicacies. The service of Four Seasons is very similar compared to Vikings and NIU. The service is very excellent for they all provide a great assistance and approach with its customers.

The ambiance is very asian with all of the furniture and the design of the actual store. The food choices are quite similar with Vikings and NIU but the only difference is that Four Seasons offers hotpot that lets you customize your own dishes. Making every hotpot lover indulge with the unique service the Four Seasons offers.

Price is okay. It is just right for a service and food offerings this exceptional. For only 888 per head you can get to enjoy your dinner at Four Seasons Buffet until your tummy explodes. If you compare it with NIU and Vikings, Four Seasons is way cheaper so I definitely suggest that you should give it a try. But Four Seasons is not that accessible compare to Vikings because it only has two branches. One in the MOA while the other is here on Manhattan Parkview. So my advice to Vikings group is to open up new branches of this to make the people try it.

Overall, Four Seasons is one of the better buffet restaurants that I have tried. Until next time, Four Seasons!


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