You rock, Boo Rock!

Prelims Week aka Hell Week is the week where most of the students forget their life and commit to the books and every lecture in order to grasp information. It is also the week of the “Judgement day” where you will be given a test to assess your learnings to a certain subject. I remembered very clearly that it was during the anticipation of hell week, when me and my friends have decided to do a group study for Operations Research since it’s gonna be our first exam for the week. I invited Drew, Paul and Jun to join me study. I remembered that it was Monday and we don’t have any classes or examinations that time so it was a great opportunity for us to study for our upcoming exams.

We’re searching for a cheap place to eat and a place where you could study while slouching around. As we walk in Dapitan, we noticed this new burger and smoothie place in Antonio. First we were disturbed by its name and make fun of it for it sounds funny and by that it made us want to try this place. This burger and smoothie place is called Boo Rock.


Boo Rock is a newly opened food establishment near UST. It offers not just coffee or smoothies but also meals and snacks such as burgers, pastas, nachos and the like. Its target market are the students who are just around UST. With its new vibe and a catchy name, it attracts students within the area.

Servers are well educated when it comes to their product offerings and knowledgable about history of the establishment. They are also very hospitable and jolly for they cracked us jokes from time to time during our stay and made that we will have an awesome experience during our stay.

The ambiance is the same with Amo Yamie in Espana and Morayta. Aside from tables, there are stations where you get to enjoy your food that looks like a mini rooms where you can lie and slouch around while you are savouring your favorite food.


Their best selling products are the smoothies and burgers. It is very cheap compare to other smoothies around UST. You can get to enjoy the smoothie for as low as 50 pesos. Just imagine how cheap is that. The taste is not that different to others so the price is the only factor here. If you are looking for a cheap smoothie, Boo Rock is the place!


It was a fun experience. We didn’t have a bad time with them while we’re studying. Because of Boo Rock we passed the  exam so…. You rock, Boo Rock!


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