Merienda Redefined

Filipinos love to eat. They loved it so much they even made a new eating occasion. This eating occasion is known as “Merienda”. Filipinos enjoy it during afternoon. This meal is between lunch and supper. Usually merianda takes place at 3 o’ clock to 4 o’ clock of the afternoon. Well known merienda snacks are pancit, kakanin, lugaw, and pan de sal. These meals are not as heavy compare to breakfast, lunch and dinner but it brings enough energy and nutrition to satisfy every Filipino as they continue to move on with their day.


In Via Mare, they transformed merienda time in something new and clever way. They offered merienda snacks to everyone who wants it and anytime you want it. They offer merienda dishes in every time of the day. So now because of Via Mare, there’s no need for you to wait for 3 or 4 pm to enjoy merienda. They made merienda more closer not only for the Filipinos but also to the foreigners. With their service, they will also make you enjoy merienda time more and have a stress-free experience.


I had a craving for a Puto Bumbong, a popular kakanin in the country and it is usually offered during Christmas season. There’s no other restaurant or store that offers excellent Puto Bumbong and merienda snacks than Via Mare. So we decided to have our merienda in Via Mare (Landmark branch).

I ordered for a Puto Bumbong, obviously, and a hot brewed coffee. The preparation for the food is fast. We only waited for less than 10 minutes for our food to arrive.

The puto bumbong I have ordered is quite similar with the taste of the authentic puto bumbong you get during simbang gabi. So you should probably say to me that why go to a restaurant for a puto bumbong? Why pay more for just a merienda snack? My answer is the convenience from the service you get when you’re at Via Mare.


Once you enter their store, you will feel relaxed and free of stress. You will feel the elegance because of the ambiance of their store. Their ambiance is very similar with those of the popular coffee shops today. A relaxing one and it helps you organize your thoughts while you enjoy their food and service.


If you want to enjoy merienda snacks with class, you should try Via Mare. It is expensive when you think of it but with Via Mare every penny you get to spend is very much worthy.


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