Live Free and Pomp Hard

A wise man once said that a hair style conveys your personality, a visual representation of what you are as a person. Back in 20th Century, “Fade” and “Pompadour” were the most popular hair styles for men. It became an icon and a paragon of a Gentleman. In the Metro there is a barber shop whose specialty are these cuts. That is Slick Barbers Co.

Slick Barbers Co. is a not just your average barber shop but it is more of a movement. Its goal is to bring back the traditional local neighborhood barbershop and provide quality haircuts.


During early 2013, at first it was just like a pop-up barber shop. They still do not have a physical store or location but they provide sessions in different parts of the metro where they provide quality haircuts to their “audience”. Now, Slick Barbers Co. shop is located in Yague St., Makati City. Other than hair cut services, they also sell “pomade”, a grooming kit that helps you mold and style your hair.

I became aware of Slick Barbers Co. when I saw the hair cut of my friend Paul. He told me about it, their sessions and where the physical store is located. Luckily, it is located near at our house in Makati so it is very accessible for me. The store is open during Tuesday to Saturday at 2:00 P.M. till midnight. Slick became very popular because of their outstanding haircuts. People from different parts of Manila visit the site. With all the hype with Slick Barbers, my advice is to be there before the shop is open because the shop practices a “First come, First serve” policy.


The shop’s environment will give you a very hipster feeling. The tunes they play is either hip-hop, RnB or oldies songs. Since Slick have many customers, they provide board games to entertain them. They call it “Bored Games”, witty.


A hair cut is worth of P200. The process is very long compare to an average hair cut. It will take you around 45-60 mins for a hair cut to be done. Personally, I don’t mind it because their hair cuts are the best hair cuts I saw and experienced.


Because of Slick Barbers Co., Yague St. became the nation’s home of Pompadour classic cut. I vow to continue supporting Slick Barbers and become one of the keepers of the Fade. Keep it slickk! Live free and Pomp hard!


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