Mesa: Filipino Moderne

It’s February 14, me and my family spent Valentines day together. It is also Sunday so it’s also our family day. My father took us for lunch to Mesa (Greenbelt branch). A restaurant that serves filipino dish with an exceptional taste and service.

Mesa is one of the most popular and visited restaurants here in Greenbelt. In fact, the place is very occupied we even waited for our turn to be served. Since the service and food are both amazing, it’s pretty much worth the wait. It is also awarded as the best retail store/restaurant in the past years. Therefore it’s reputation is very high when it comes to food service and the food itself. Given the fact that it is well-known, gained multiple awards and located at the central business district, it is still somehow affordable when you compare it to other high class restaurants in the metro.

It is very hot outside so we requested that we want our table to be inside the restaurant. The design of the restaurant is very filipino. It is designed with bamboo furnitures and wooden tables and chairs. The foods they offer is somewhat revolutionized. Even though the dishes are very local and authentic, it becomes revolutionized because of the way they serve it differs from other Filipino cuisine restaurants. They make it more modern in the way they incorporate ideas that is trending in today’s time.

For our main dish, we ordered Pinatayong Manok, a very creative way to enjoy your chicken since it is hanged in a wooden stand and the server will carve it for you (That’s why their service is very exceptional). We also had Sautéed Prawn in salted egg which is amazing by the way. I never imagined that a salted egg can be perfectly combined with prawns until now. We ordered Laing and Tinapa Rice. Tinapa rice is a very delicious way of enjoying traditional rice. It is better than the Crisostomo’s Adobo rice.

Mesa is one of the best restaurants for me. The service, food and ambiance of Mesa are at the top, in my opinion. I definitely recommend this restaurant if you are craving for Filipino cuisine with a great service.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


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