The Peri-Peri Chicken Experience

Last Thursday, Bel and I had our lunch together. We couldn’t think of where to eat. Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Jollibee and KFC are just too mainstream. Plus we want to try something new. That’s when I suggested her to try Eduardo’s Peri-Peri Flame Grilled Chicken for a change. I have tried it before but I was with my friends that time so it would be her first time to try Eduardo’s.

Eduardo’s Peri-Peri is located at V. Concepcion St. in Dapitan. It is near KFC and at the same building with Perpetual Help. I’m already dismissed with our class that time but for Bel it was only her free time so our time is very limited.


We seated at the couch of the restaurant for comfort. The restaurant is kind of new so its design looks great. The environment is very chill. The music inside are not too loud helping you and your friends to actually talk and hang out with each other. It also compliments the design of the store making the place so chill.


The food! Before I tried their Baby Back Ribs and it was great but this time I want to try their Chicken so I decided to order their Chicken. Good thing that there’s a promo for two persons. The promo consisted of a half chicken, two drinks, two rice and two side dish.



For our side dish, we tried their Mac and Cheese (for Bel) and Mashed Potato (Mine) First, we tried our side dish. The mashed potato was okay. I didn’t expect that much because for me all mashed potato tastes the same. I don’t know, I just think of it that way. For Bel’s Mac and Cheese, according to her it was good. That’s all, I didn’t ask for details. The important thing is that she actually liked it.

Next thing is the main dish, the Chicken. It’s a Peri-Peri chicken so it looks (and tastes) different to our traditional fried chickens of other fast food restaurants. Peri-Peri chicken came from Portugal. Basically, it is their traditional chicken. I rate the chicken for its taste of 8/10 and the quantity and quality of 10/10. The chicken has its spiciness and a rough texture when you eat it. Overall, it tasted well. A half chicken is just right for us. It is not much but its the right amount for us to be satisfied.

So if you’re tired of eating at the popular fast food restaurants, give Eduardo’s Peri-Peri a shot. I had a great experience with this restaurant and I will probably visit it again soon.




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