Sunday. Family Day.

Last Saturday, I went home to Muntinlupa for the long weekend. I took advantage of the time I have to work on my blog and to take a day off from school stuff. I could say that I get to spend those days pretty well.

Sunday. Every Sunday for us is family day. What I mean of family day is that we go out every Sunday as a family to hang out and bond. We eat, we hear mass together and spend quality time with each other. Yesterday, we spent our Sunday at Alabang Town Center (ATC). We reached ATC before noontime. When we’re already in ATC, the first thing we did is that we searched for a restaurant. My father and I craved for a Filipino cuisine. So we agreed to have our lunch at Crisostomo.


Crisostomo is a restaurant that serves authentic Filipino cuisine with a sophisticated twist. The Menu of the restaurant is very clever. They name their dishes they serve with the name of ideas, characters and even places that shaped our culture and history.

The ambiance of the restaurant is very elegant and welcoming. The service is very fascinating they even treat us with a free Tikoy to anticipate the celebration of the Lunar new year.


For main dish we ordered Don Rafael (a classic Crispy Pata) and Don Juan (grilled Liempo with Okra and Bagoong). For our rice we had a bowl of plain rice and a bowl of Adobo rice. While for the drinks, all four of us ordered their house blended lemon tea.


The Crispy Pata was very good. The taste of their dip just made everything in balance. I think it’s a combination of vinegar and some sauce. I don’t know what it is, but man, it’s the best dip for a Crispy Pata. Grilled Liempo is good but its not as good as the Grilled Liempo of Dekada in Glorietta. From all of the dishes we ordered there was only one dish that I had my concern, that is the Adobo rice. Actually, I’m a bit disappointed with the taste of their Adobo rice. I would never thought that it would be that salty. I expected that the saltiness would be there but not to the point that the saltiness are all over your taste buds.

Crisostomo is a good place if you are looking for a restaurant that serves Filipino dishes. It’s quite expensive but surely worth every penny. Crisostomo is definitely at my list of the best restaurants that offer Filipino dishes.



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