Another Year with Her

As I start this post, I just want to introduce someone to you. On January 22, 2014 I met the most amazing person that has eyes that can make someone petrify.  Whose smile that is very contagious. Whose heart that can make someone fall in love in an instant. Her name is Bel. I am truly blessed that I met her that day for she’s one of the reasons why my life is full of wonder.

Moving on with my post…

“2016! It’s a new year! Make it right!” These are the words that come to my mind as I face the new year. I always see that a New Year is a new opportunity to make a difference. To make things right. To be a better person of you.

There’s no other best way to start this year than to spend it with her. January 22, 2016 I asked her out on a date. We tried the famous Eatles. It is located at P. Noval St., Sampaloc, Manila. Since she also studies in UST, Eatles became very accessible for the both of us.


The ambiance of the store is very relaxing. As the name of the store implies, Eatles, brings a very unique retro setting. Where not only music lovers (Beatle’s fans to be precise) but everyone, will love.

To start off, I asked her of what food she wants. She picked the Eatles Cheeseburger and an Oreo Frappe for her drink. While I ordered their T-Bone Primesteak. Addition to that, we also ordered their very own Pomodoro for our pasta.

What’s very interesting with the food we ordered was the uniqueness of their Cheeseburger. It’s different from any other cheeseburger because its buns colour are black. Despite of the unique colour, it tastes pretty much the same with other cheeseburgers. The Oreo Frappe according to Bel tastes well. For my T-Bone steak on the other hand, doesn’t reached my expectation. For the price of 215 pesos, it’s expensive for a typical steak. The Pomodoro was good. The spicy-sour taste of the pasta compliments the taste of the food we have chosen.


What I’m sure of, the date 1-22-2016 is one of the most memorable days I cherish for this young year. It’s one of my memorable days for I get to spend it in Eatles and at the same time with her.


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