A farewell to 2015

Me and my college friends have decided to go out and spend some time together before we say goodbye to 2015. Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is the place we chose. We set the date at the 27th of December and I’m very glad that our last hang out for the year went according to plan.

Enchanted Kingdom or E.K. is one of the most popular theme parks in the country. It is always visited by the youth (especially barkadas) and adults as well. EK has been operating for 20 years already. Still, EK continues to bring excitement and joy to everyone who visited their theme park.


Before we went to EK, We first met at Walter Mart Sta. Rosa. Since it’s already noon time we took our lunch there knowing that the food inside EK would be more expensive. After we eat, we rode a tricycle going to EK and it cost us 20 pesos per person. When we reached EK, we immediately went to the ticket booth to purchase our tickets. Since it’s holiday season, there’s quite a long line so we waited for almost 10 minutes for our turn to buy our tickets. We availed the student promo and we had a discount of 20 pesos. Not much but it is still a 20 pesos.

First we tried Anchor’s Away. It was my first time to ride Anchor’s Away  and it turned out to be fun. Next stop is the Jungle Log Jam. The queue for Log Jam is not that long so it didn’t eat up our time that much. Next ride would be the Air Racer. Some of my friends actually felt dizzy because of this ride but for me it brought me joy! I never felt dizzy at one point because I really enjoyed that ride. I enjoyed it so much we actually rode it twice. After that, we proceed to Space Shuttle. I have never tried so it left me nervous. I am thinking of going out of our line and just watch them ride the Space Shuttle instead but still they encouraged me to try and I thank them for that. I usually have a fear of heights but because of them I have conquered my fear and had fun instead! I was so pumped after that ride. Space Shuttle is very fun. After that fun ride, we tried Rio Grande Rapids. The line is very loooong. We waited for more than hour just for our turn. It was fun. We even made bet on who will got wet the most.



For me it was the perfect way to end the year. We enjoyed it so much. We loved it. I’m so blessed that I had the chance to spend it with you guys. So….. On to the next one!


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