Trail Pleasure

Nowadays many people are getting hooked to biking because of the benefits you can get from it. Biking promotes healthy living because it is a sport that can make you physically fit. Biking can also reduce stress. Biking can help you explore new things and experiences. Lastly, biking is a very fun way to spend your free time.


I had my first trail last July in Filinvest Trail, Alabang. Filinvest Trail is one of the popular Mountain Bike (MTB) trails in the south of Metro Manila. Bike enthusiasts visits this trail more often to have a ride and also to interact with other bike enthusiasts. Other celebrities  like Jennylyn Mercado, Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Sotto also visited this trail. This trail is unique to other trails for it is located at the city. It is near Ayala Alabang and to Festival Supermall making it more accessible than other trails. The good thing with this trail is that it is free of charge! So that there would be more people who would get to enjoy using this trail.


My father encouraged me to try MTB. Before I started it, my father has been in this sport for almost 6 years. He really enjoys biking because it helps him to be fit and avoid unnecessary ailments. Back to my experience. My father gave me a Merida Big Seven bike. It is quite a good bike for someone who is just a newbie in mountain biking and it is also cheaper compare to other MTBs such as Giant, Specialized and Cannondale. But overall, Merida bikes are one of the most cost-efficient bikes in the market today.

Before the trail, personally I ate bananas so that I can minimize the tendency of getting cramps with my muscles. MTB is a very very tiring sport. So my advice is to always bring a water jug with you and take a rest from time to time. Since it is my first trail, I’m kind of nervous at first but as I learned the flow of the trails I enjoyed it immediately.



My first trail was a very fun one despite of getting a fall because of a very steep hill that I climbed (LOL). I guess it is just one of the risks of this sport. So if you are searching for a new sport to enjoy, I highly recommend MTB. It helps to improve your physique and metabolism that can be helpful to your everyday life.


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