Nuvali: New Mecca for Mountain Bikers

Nuvali is the largest self-sustainable Eco-friendly community in the country. It was developed by the Ayala Land and it is located outside of Metro Manila, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Various activities can be done in Nuvali and one of which is the Trail Biking. The Nuvali Trails are more intense and relatively longer compare to those of Filinvest Trails’ but like Filinvest, Nuvali trails are also free of charge. It consist of trails of not less than 5 but I didn’t had the chance to try them all. Bike enthusiasts consider Nuvali as the new “Mecca” for mountain bikers. Considering that it is outside of Metro Manila, people still manage to go and try these trails just to experience and identify what it differs from other trails.


During my visit to Nuvali Trails, the Trail 1 was currently closed and cannot accommodate bikers. So me, my father and his friends decided to skip Trail 1 and go direct at Trail 2. Trail 2 is one of the most intense trails in Nuvali. There came to a point that I got left behind but what I did is that I just followed the trail tracks and tried to catch up with them.


After Trail 2, we moved on to Trail 3 and proceed to Bird Sanctuary. From there we took a break for a few minutes. We drink and took a rest because we have been biking for a long time during that time.

After a few minutes of break, we proceed to the next trail and that trail is called the New Zealand trail. For me, New Zealand Trail is the longest trail of all and the same time the best. It is very long that I have to take a break at the middle of the trail but it’s totally worth it when you reach the end.



Nuvali Trail experience will never be complete without trying the Lomi of Ariel’s Lomi Haus. It is located at the farthest portion of Laguna. In fact if you move further, you  will already reach Tagaytay Highlands. Ariel’s Lomi is a great source of carbo. A best meal after a very long trail.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

After we ate at Ariel’s Lomi Haus, we went back to Nuvali and that ended our trail. It was a very tiring trail. More tiring compare to the trails of Filinvest but every sweat is worth it with Nuvali Trails.



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