First time in Vigan!

It was my summer vacation last May 2015 when our family had a trip to the Northern part of the country, the Ilocos. It was a memorable experience for it’s my first time there in Vigan. The place is great, the people are fun and the food is incredible. We enjoyed the antique design of the structures there for it shows the historical background of not just Vigan or Ilocos but the history of our country.
FullSizeRender 3

Believe it or not this is also the first time I rode a “Kalesa”and it was a pretty cool experience. For less than 500 pesos you can get to explore Vigan more by a Kalesa ride. I would say that it is kind of costly but it is definitely worth it. A kalesa ride can accommodate up to 4 persons per ride.


The ride lasted for less than 45 minutes. During the ride, the Kutsero (driver of Kalesa) also shared us some stories and facts about the history of Vigan. I remembered one story the Kutsero shared to us, it’s that the people of Vigan we’re the ones who take care and maintain the quality of their antique houses because the more old-looking the house is, the more attractive it become to the eyes of the tourists. How cool is that, right? So if you visit Vigan, I recommend you to try and ride one of their Kalesas.

A visit to Vigan will not be complete without tasting its famous Vigan Empanada. Where it is located? IT’S EVERYWHERE. It is the Taco of Vigan! Vigan Empanada is super, ultra, very delicious. The crust is made of rice flour and the rice flour is made a day before it is used. Vigan Empanadas are filled with vegetable and meat filling making it very one of a kind to other street foods in the country. The vegetable filling is made up of grated papaya, toge and shredded carrots while the meat filling consists of a whole egg and THE VIGAN LONGGANISA.


For the best taste, use the vinegar as your dip! Vigan Empanada only costs at around 35-45 pesos. After you tour the city, Vigan Empanada will satisfy your hunger and become one of the reasons why would you want to go back to Vigan.


At the end of the day, you would see to our faces the delight and joy we got from touring the city and experiencing new things. Important thing is that we had fun and enjoyed the trip to Vigan. It is one of my experiences I will never forget.


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